The MSM Quality Enhancement Plan

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Faculty Learning 

Faculty learning communities address the learning needs of their students as well as the teaching and mentoring needs of their peers. Learning communities are becoming increasingly popular in the medical education community. The MSM Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) seeks to strengthen the mentoring and networking skills of MSM faculty as well as offer professional development and support. Our faculty learning communities include:

  • Women in Science and Medicine:

A set of programs offering development and networking for women faculty members

  • Research Development:

A set of programs offering grant writing and publishing support and development for all faculty members

  • Teaching Academy:

A series of programs designed to promote teaching, career, and mentoring development

Student Learning Communities

Student learning communities have been shown by research to improve student retention as well as student/professor relationships.  The MSM Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) seeks to address the learning and mentoring needs of the students while promoting coherence and effectiveness of the curriculum and rapport among students and their professors . Our student learning communities include:

  • MD Learning Communities
  • MPH Learning Communities
  • GEBS Learning Communities
  • Peer and Near Peer Mentoring/Tutoring

Staff Learning

Staff learning communities are  n extended learning opportunity to foster collaborative learning among colleagues within a particular work environment.  The MSM Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) seeks to address the needs of the the MSM staff while promoting an effective and nurturing work environment. Future training includes:

  • Professional Development
  • Evaluation
  • Sub Learning Communities
  • Mentoring